Steven Anzardo

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Steven has taught art making for years in unconventional circumstances. He has hosted classes ranging from one-on-one to a full warehouse of students on subjects of linear perspective and rendering form, to strengthening focal points, and to handle a variety of mediums. These classes have taken place in an array of settings, such as the storage room of an art supply store, a warehouse in south Miami, to the wilderness of plein-air. His goal has always been the same: To share the gift of sight. When one learns to draw and paint, one learns to see.

Over a decade, Steven has researched and expanded on academic models of linear perspective. He has shared this knowledge with students of all levels, many developing their understanding and improving their ability within the session. This understanding transfers across all artistic expressions, the way we perceive, our mentality, and how we move our materials.

Steven works primarily en plein air, merging adventure with art making. His artistic focus is on creating artifacts of nuanced moments in beautiful places. He traveled America for a year, painting great American landscapes and learning from artists of all walks along the way. During his travels, he sought out studio artists, university professors, and galleries. This helped him see and paint new places as the locals did; To play with their patterns and ideals of beauty in their daily lives. This non-attachment to style, location, or modality, allowed for quick and keen learning.

Another artistic passion is capturing moments of communal inspiration. Whenever an Open Mic or a Jam Night breaks loose, Steven is there, drawing everyone around him. These are typically given away at the end of the night, as a sort of award ceremony for attending the event. For this artist, creating an artifact like this echoes the inspiration forward. The drawing helps the viewer recall the experience and epiphanies- solidifying their creative breakthroughs. Art is magic.

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