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Over the course of her painting career, Utah artist Sally O’Neill has been the recipient of numerous art awards. Southwest Art Magazine featured Sally as the editors’ choice for “Artists to Watch” in 2016. Sally has also been honored with the distinction of “signature member” in the prestigious American Impressionist Society.

Sally’s plein air and studio paintings reflect her enthusiasm for life, her love of nature, and her appreciation of her subject matter. Her styles range from the realism of portraits to impressionistic landscapes and still life. She studied painting with a number of prominent artists including Ruben Arizpe, Sr., Camille Przewodek, Bill Ahrendt, and Ovanes Berberian. Until his death in 2007, Sally also had a constant mentor and artistically in her father-in-law, watercolorist, Don O’Neill.

A native of Southern California, Sally was involved in the arts since early childhood – drawing, watercolor, mosaics, and oil painting. She spent nearly three decades in Oregon, tucked away in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains before moving to the artistic community of Kayenta, Utah. All these places have played a role in influencing her art.

“Painting with oils is the perfect medium to express my artistic vision. As an admirer of the impressionists, I am obsessed with light, color, and atmosphere. Through color temperature and values, I try to achieve the effects of light at various times of the day. Overall, I want my paintings to bring the viewer into a world they would love to be in, that of beauty and sun-drenched days.”

Sally loves the outdoors and is an ardent cyclist. She also enjoys tennis and racquetball.

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