Matt Pectol

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Matt Pectol is a local artist residing in St. George, Utah. He draws inspiration from Southern Utah and surrounding area’s stunning landscape. He is mostly influenced by the post-Impressionist movement.

Matt was born in the mountains of Arizona but moved to Southern Utah when he was ten years old. As a young man Matt enjoyed exploring the outdoors, hiking, and going on adventures. Matt was always creating and loved to draw and paint even from a young age. He knew since high school that his greatest aspiration was to be a professional artist and has spent years working to attain this goal.

Matt primarily enjoys working in oil paint, but also loves to use pastels and watercolors. He loves the freedom of creating art, and never knows how one of his pieces will turn out. Currently, Matt has been inspired by family trips to National Parks in Utah, Nevada, and California.

It was in Great Basin National Park where he saw the Bristlecone pine tree for the first time and was captivated by the ancient tree. He has been painting the trees ever since. His paintings of the trees endeavor to capture its essence on canvas using a new process where he uses a combination of oil paint and black ink.

Alongside his painting of Bristlecone pine trees Matt has spent the last year painting the landscape of Bryce Canyon National Park. He was inspired by the unique formations of hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Matt fell in love with the unique shape of the hoodoos and strived to capture it on canvas.

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