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MakeSpace is all about the community and art. If you have questions and/or suggestions or would like to teach a class at MakeSpace please send us an email: [email protected]

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Periodically MakeSpace will need volunteers to house traveling artists, monitor classes and help arrange special events. If you are interested in being contacted when needs arise, please email us.


MakeSpace will succeed if we provide what you, our community, wants. The best way to support MakeSpace on-going is to advocate for us, spread the word to others in the community and take a class!

Several people have asked how they can help support MakeSpace as we get established. For this, we are grateful! Getting something like this off the ground is challenging! If you would like to help us with start-up expenses, we have created this “wish list”. Your help in covering these one-time expenses is greatly appreciated!


MakeSpace is the home for Spark!, A free Community Art Project that was created to bring artists together and to inspire creativity.

The original idea for Spark! was that a local painter would pair with a local photographer. The photographer would choose one of their photos for the painter to interpret, in their own style. With the work complete, the group would come together to share the outcome and experience, followed by a viewing by family and friends.

Since the first Spark! The group has grown, eight various challenges have been completed and the creativity has exploded! Recently the group finished a challenge that required each member to choose a famous piece of art, in any medium and create their own piece, inspired by this art. Artists even turned paintings into sculptures, and sculptures into images!

In turn, Spark! inspired MakeSpace and we are forever grateful for the energy and enthusiasm that each person brings to our art community!

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If you have a casita and would be willing to accomodate a visiting artist instructor, please contact us at [email protected]